The beginning

When we talk about the beginning of Qualz, we have to go back in time to the early 2000s. Lead guitarist Matthias and bassist Peter discovered the complex art of Metal music at the wee age of roughly 13. Mixtapes full of Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Metallica and Dream Theater songs were played up and down, shared and discussed. Soon it was established that Metal was obviously the finest form of art and a longtime dream of making said art was pursued. After both kids picked up the electric guitar and shredded it wildly, the passion for making music seemed to have faded, while the interest in consuming music never went away...

The consolidation

It was years later, the hair was cut to academic standards, yet the true rocker heart still beat wildly in the now grown boy's chests, when Matthias decided it was time to buy a proper guitar and pursue the art of music making again. A guitar was indeed bought, a great teacher was found, and a superb guitarist was reborn. After quite some time spent with his beloved "Fat Paula", Matthias decided it was time to nudge his old buddy Peter into getting into the old string-shredding business again. 
Old buddy Peter, who as rumor has it, was sitting in a local pub, consuming a nice cold pint of Guinness, was thinking about the tiny strings and frets of his old guitar, looked at his thickened fingers and said to himself: Meh. After this rather meaningful revelation he went home, turned on his computer and ordered a 4 string P-bass.
Anyway, 5 days later the bass arrived. The next day Matthias went to his old mate's flat and the first rehearsal was conducted. Unbeknownst to the two buddies, the song they played (written by none other than the great Matthias himself), should later (when reading these lines this is still in the future) win many awards. Thus, while discussing the progress of the rehearsal over burgers and beer, the decision was made to finally form a band.

The path to greatness

For many moons to come, the two soldiered on, creating music, playing old Maiden tunes, mastering their instruments and mostly: having fun. When not playing together, or alone, but together at heart, discussions where held. How is the future going to be? Where to find other companions, who share the same passion?
The first step on the path to greatness was to find a name for the project. A name to be forever tied to great music, happy memories and balls-to-the-walls quality. Many suggestions were brought up. Many great names, like "Within Chisel And The Fly" were discarded. Finally, when everything was grim and no hope was left - a suggestion was made. Qualz. It has always been there, in plain sight. A name so strong, generations to come will speak about it. A decision was made. Qualz was born.

A place to be

Once the name was settled, the next challenge arose. With more and more enthusiasm, rehearsals in the living room where off the table. Vases broke left and right, windows were smashed, neighbors lost their sense of hearing and it became clear a place needed to be found. Qualz roamed the lands in search for a suitable castle to continue their quest to make some damn good music. Some many places where found, even more were deemed inferior for the musicians. Once again, when everything looked dark and grim, perseverance paid off. In a field of local trees, to mankind known as "Sterzbam", much like the autumn sun, rising from a foggy ocean, the perfect building revealed itself to the band. To others it may have seemed like a small outbuilding, insignificant, dull and rotten. To Qualz it felt like home. 

Comrades in battle

With a name, and a place to make music, found, the two bandmates looked at the old pergament scroll, they scribbled their future plans on and sighed. A lot has been accomplished. But even more needed to be done. Armed with only two stringed instruments too little can be achieved. So they strolled the lands again, in search for like-minded fellows. They hung out parchments in taverns and made pleas in the dark forrest, known as "the internet". A man (or woman for that matter) who can smash the drums in a way that suits the music they had in mind was dearly needed. Friends came by and hit the drums, many of them pleased the ears of the Qualzers, but even more went away, with duties they were bound to, or families they had to care for. Strangers passed by, were tried and failed. An old, well-known darkness was about to overcome the young band. Will they ever find a drummer?

They were about to give up, all hope has left them, when a knight in a shiny armor, a young fellow with golden hair and a smile to die for, answered their pleas and ended their suffering. A man, known to the world as "tofudrummer" sent out a raven to offer his servings to the band. And not only that. No, he even sent word of another guitarist. A master of his class. A genius on the lute. The two founders looked at each other - was this the dream team they were looking for? 

So they met up with the guys in a bar and they seemed really cool. And this is the tale how Tobi and Jakob joined Qualz. Epic.

An angel's voice

Together as four, Qualz did their best to make the music they always dreamed of. Two guitars in perfect harmony, drums that bring tears of joy to the listener, and basslines. Yeah, also basslines. 
But something was missing. Something of utter importance to the music. Vocals. They needed vocals. And they needed them quickly.
So half a year passed, parchments in taverns, posts on the internet, a journey through the continents, you know - the ususal stuff. It was the companion of our old hero, the bassist, who whispered a name into their ears: Verena.
Ravens were sent out that day. Oh my fair lady, will you sing for us?
An answer came as quickly as the wind blows in a place where the wind blows really, really quickly. Yes, she said, yes I would like to meet you and sing a tune.
A formal invitation was sent out, songs were sang, laughs were laughed, words were ... I guess talked? And the four Qualzeteers were blown away. A voice, as beautiful as ever, energy to power a small town and a straight up down-to-earth, friendly and awesome lasse was invited to sing with them this day. 
Qualz was complete.

Matthias, Peter, Tobi, Jakob, Verena - This is Qualz.