Matthias - Lead Guitar

Born in the very, very early nineties, Matthias' musical background lies within the beauty of classical music. Trained as a formidable Cello player, the likes of Bach, Beethoven and Vivaldi were played in his parent's living room.

Growing older, he discovered the next level of classical music, Heavy metal. His admiration of heavy guitarists like Adrian Smith and John Petrucci, combined with fast fretting geniuses like Thomas Zwijsen undoubtedly shows in his playingstyle. And by that we mean, the style of music played at his home. Not his guitar playing skills. God no.

Matthias joined Qualz in 2018, right when it was founded, and is the main contributor to all brilliant guitar parts the band has created ever since.

Peter - Bass

Born in the very, very late eighties, Peter started his musical journey, like many children before him, by playing the recorder. His love for flute-like instruments has not vanished as occasionally he lays hand on some of his many tin whistles, whenever he's in the mood for some irish folk music.

Picking up the bass after some years of playing the electric guitar, he claims to be influenced by the likes of Steve Harris, John Myung and RHCP's Flea. However, while Harris gallops his bass like a mighty stallion, Peter's gallop might rather remind the listener of a limping donkey.

Peter joined Qualz in 2018, when the band was founded, contributes largely to the lyrics and, obviously, the bass lines.

Tobi - Drums

Born like 3 days ago, Tobi's first contact with music was hating to play the piano. After some time spent hitting the keys with his majestic fingers, his agression towards this strange, stringed instrument grew intolerable and he started hitting it with sticks, basically inventing the drumkit.

After exchanging the piano for real drums, he spent his early years playing plenty of swingy, big band pieces, before discovering the Hard Rock pioneers AC/DC. Further and further down he fell the rabbit hole of Hard'n'Heavy music. Inspired by Avenged Sevenfold's "The Rev", Lamb of God's drum god Chris Adler, and Tool's maniac drummer Danny Carey the brilliance in his grooves provides the foundation of Qualz' rhythm section, ever since he joined the project in 2019.

Verena - Vocals

Born in the somewhat early nineties, Verena discovered the beauty of music, when she was six years old. Very much to the enjoyment of her family she started the screeching horror that is learning to play the violin. The natural talent she was, the screeching soon turned into beautiful melodies, devised by Vivaldi and friends. 

In high school she discovered her voice (I guess she never talked before that, but that is unknown) and started to sing in several musicals. The newly discovered passion for singing grew only stronger when she joined a Reggae/Funk band and started to feel the tingeling sensation of performing live in front of an audience. 

While she got in touch with the great art of Metal music through friends, she never found the courage to sing on the harder spectrum. That was until she found her musical home in the legendary band Qualz.

Verena joined Qualz in 2020, where she devises the vocal parts.

Former members

As life goes on, things change... And so does Qualz. People leave, people join. Here is to the awesome folks that left Qualz.

Jakob - Rhythm Guitar

Born in the very, very late nineties, Jakob was set to play the piano as a child. Thanks to his sister hogging the instument though, he decided to give up punching keys and started punching strings instead, when he discovered his father's acoustic guitar chilling around.

Trained to play classical guitar, his motivation to practice went pretty much up and down, until he attended a workshop by the great Peter Ratzenbeck. From now on Jakob would play the guitar day in and day out. While homework may have been neglected during his practice sprees, his fingerstyle technique and hearing was elevated to a certain level of brilliance.

Jakob, a childhood friend of Drummer Tobi, was asked to join Qualz in 2019. He still continues to play and sing at weddings and other ceremonial events.